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In Need Of A Smile

And the world lies restless
gazing upward into the evening sky
Stars, arms length apart
on the edge of the heavens
forever wanting to touch one another
And between all of this
Time lies forever constant, forever certain
Time for sailing the seas to conquer the known
or to soar the universe and search the unknown
But Time does not feel
It does not weep for the loss of a loved one
not rejoice for the beginning of new life
Time gives itself only to those who reach out
and hold onto each passing moment
Those who feel the beat of their own hearts
and the beat of those close to their souls
Those who can love themselves first unselfishly
and in doing so, open their hearts to love from without
Time only is
It flows through us
pushing onward to a destination never seen
Taking with it fading memories
and before we capture it, the moment has past
Each passing second must be lived from beginning to end
Time unloved is never returned

William N. Simpson 1983,2001