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falling in love is so hard to do. you're attracted to someone by a mysterious force that flows through the universe and aligns the paths of two people, but you can't see this force and it gives no clues. do you try to be cool and risk not making the first move or should you jump in feet first when you approach someone and risk looking foolish. potential love is a very fragile emotion. all hope of a relationship could be swept away by some stupid little thing that real love would overcome or overlook. there are no strangers in a loving world; just friends who've never met. but not all friends are allowed a place in your heart. that is for the ones that you love and someone special will take up the biggest piece of your heart. how do you know when you've met that someone special and how do you know if there is enough room in your heart for them? love will find a way, but you've got to take that chance and chances are i love you.

William N. Simpson 1984,2001