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all things change.
i can't say when they do, though.
it just seems that before you know it,
something happens that makes you want to run,
to run far, far away.
today, something happened to me.
but what about all the somethings
of all the yesterdays
that we never ran away from?
do we still want to run from them,
or could they be insignificant
compared to what is happening now?
maybe we will always be running.
but, are we running away from the somethings of yesterday
or running to the maybes of tomorrow?
somethings are always remembered, good and bad.
maybes are always dreamed.
maybes give us a goal to strive for,
to achieve,
to live for.
but i'm not going to run, not away.
today, i quit loving.
tomorrow, i might try again.

William N. Simpson 1983,2001