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A Modern Young Man
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A Modern Young Man

Along the cool and damp shore, the quiet young man finds time to pause and reflect on the events that are taking place in his life and his world. A passionate young man, he cherishes the feel of a lovers kiss, laid softly on his cheek just moments ago. His face becomes warm and flush as he recalls the previous evening of dance and drink and desire. His woman lay safe and warm in his bed, still sleeping, as he begins to walk along the beach towards the distant pier, watching the seagulls fighting for scraps from the shrimp boat floating slowly by looking for another days catch. His passion is not limited to his feelings for his mate. His strong will and deep compassion are present in everything within his control. The world have much to give this passionate young man, but he is not one to sit back and wait for it to be given. He reaches out to all that is around him and brings comfort and joy where there is none. With his confidence and trust, he brings strength and respect when all appears hopeless. One day, this proud young man will come to know that he has received from a cruel and selfish world all the love that he has so unselfishly given to others. The kiss on his cheek will remain forever warm for the modern young man.

William N. Simpson 1983,2001