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A Modern Young Man
A Modern Young Woman
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A Modern Young Woman

"I'll be right back," he says, as he slowly rises to greet the dawn. Gently, she kisses him and falls easily back into slumber. There is no need for hurry, the morning is still young. There is no need for worry, she knows that he simply needs time for himself the same as she needs her time alone. With a soft smile, she drifts back and forth through her dreams until she feels the warmth from the sun flickering dimly through the window. As she awakens and moves from the warmth of their bed to the cool breeze of the balcony, she sees him walking slowly along the beach, gazing aimlessly towards the sea. In the distance, she sees the boat surrounded by the swirling flock of seagulls, soaring freely as they sing out their morning songs. She admires the birds for their freedom and grace, sometimes envious of both. But she knows that she need not envy anything, for her life is full. She has a natural grace about her that can carry her through unfamiliar situations as easily as the seagulls soar the skys. She has the freedom of choice to control her destiny and achieve her goals. Through mutual respect and consideration, her man knows that her love is true and shall not waiver. She gives of herself unselfishly to everything within the scope of her life, spreading her love and caring to all that touches her heart. She sees him turn and begin the journey back from the pier and smiles knowing that he is returning to her, because although the flame of their love still burns when they are apart, the fire burns brightest when she can hold him close and feel him surround her with his love. As she turns to start breakfast, she feels the warmth of their love burning inside her, warming the life of the modern young woman.

William N. Simpson 1987,2001