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When Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gaston came out to visit, we took them to the luau at Paradise Cove on the leeward side of Oahu. The food was ono and the show was WONDERFUL!

Melissa trys her hand at launching a "native" spear at a target Matthew concentrating on hitting the target
Mari and me caught wandering around the Paradise Cove grounds Melissa and Matthew take to the sea in an outrigger canoe
Hail the returning seafarers! Grandma Judy enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Paradise Cove (and the HUGE Mai Tai's)
Tiki torches lit along the rocky shore with the approach of sunset The i'mu - the roasting pit for the YUMMY kalua pig!
The blowing of the conch announces the beginning of the show and the "arrival" of dinner Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gaston ready for some ono kine grinds
The opening act of the terrific show at Paradise Cove The lovely dancers really seem to enjoy themselves
More dancing The twirling knives of fire dude!
Nice Coconuts! One of the performers had a great tattoo of the islands