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Part of Dad's Golf Vacation 2000. We played Koolau Golf Course here on Oahu - the hardest course in the world!

Dad taking his second shot on the first hole of Koolau, the toughest golf course in the United States A great shot of the Pali from the #4 tee at Koolau
Looking up a the Pali lookout from somewhere on Koolau Dad smiling cause he is WAY ahead at the turn (with Koolau #10 tee behind him)
The finishing hole at Koolau (from the #10 tee) Beautiful views all along the course, but it is NOT fun if you cannot hit the fairways and greens dead in the middle
Dad pondering what to do next before he is swallowed whole by the Koolau course Dinner with Grandpa Bill,Melissa, and Matthew
Dropping Grandpa off at the airport at the end of a wonderful vacation Me and the old man!