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Waimano Ridge Trail - Mari, Leslie, Xugana, and me! A beautiful day to be out on the trail. Only trouble came on the way back, when Xugana, after deciding that she didn't want to go through one of the irrigation tunnels, decided that she didn't want any help getting up the rock escarpment around the side either. She fell approximately 60 feet off the face of the rock, but THANK GOD she landed quietly on some foliage below and quickly scampered back up the trail. No cuts or broken parts!

Just a peek down the start of the Waimano Ridge Trail Mari and Leslie are all smiles ('cause they haven't hoofed it up the mountain yet!)
A beautiful morning over Pacific Palisades Which way do I go?
Looks great down in the valley, but a little misty on the ridge tops. Hope it stays clear! Mari and Leslie still able to chat while strolling after Xugana, the wonder dog! Not enough huffing and puffing yet.
The entrance to one of the tunnels for the irrigation ditch seems like it should be passable Even the other end seems like it should be clear (but I ain't going in there!)
Stopping for a little hydration. I carry an extra reservoir just for her. CHEESE!
Xugana decided to return with the weather forecast from ahead on the trail - clear and sunny, but muddy in places Wanna play King (or Queens) of the Mountain? Just try and knock'em off!
This is the clearest I've seen this trail in the few times I've been up here. A cool day along the trail under canopy
A wonderful spot to cache some water (I carried 3 extra liters) for the return trip Signs of the recent rains are more obvious as we continue past the BSA shelter
Mari and Leslie are little less chatty now that we've begun the more serious ascent Xugana and I will not be denied! Onward and Upward!
I've always thought there was a green pyramid somewhere in them there hills Signs of the recent rains are also more obvious in the streams too
Leslie has begun to wonder if perhaps her hiking boots would have been better today Yep, the water level is up!
Leslie decided that barefoot was the best way to cross the stream (she LOVED it on the way back!) Still looks sunny and clear on the ridge tops!
Looking back down the valley towards Waipahu and beyond A small stand of majestic palms in the middle of nowhere
A small waterfall near the back of the valley (before crossing the ridge for the final assault on the summit) A gorgeous day over the Koolau Mountains!
Mari and Leslie have about decided that the mud in the ruts of the trail is really a new Olympic sport called sluge Another look back to the southwest
Another small waterfall from WAY back in the valley A view to the southwest from the point where I crossed over the ridge - Just me and Xugana going for the summit now
Pearl Harbor to the south Pearl Harbor, compliments of digital zoom!
The first glimpse of the windward side as Xugana and I near the end of the trail A spectacular view of Kaneohe Bay from the end of the Waimano Ridge trail
Kaneohe Bay, compliments of digital zoom! Xugana said she was going to reach the end of the trail and, by golly, she did!
WOW! Straight up! My hat and my staff wanted their picture taken at the end, but they wouldn't return the favor (neither would Xugana)!
A peek to the northern edge of the opposite valley A view from straight over the edge at the top (as far I as dared to hold out the camera!)
A wonderfully clear view of the ridge to the south Chinaman's Hat (Mokoli'i Island), compliments of digital zoom
One last look out across the valley to Kaneohe Bay Xugana said she was too pooped to move just yet - Come on, girl! Let's get off this mountain!