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Moanalua (Kamananui) Valley - This hike is NOT for wussies! Just Mari, Xugana and me today. We had a heck of a time finding the trailhead off the road. Spent an hour or more plodding up and down before we finally found it.

Xugana leads the way down the road into the valley The road occasionally disappears under the trees that line the road
Petroglyphs on Pohakukaluahine (rock of the old woman) Closeup on one of the petroglyphs
Closeup of another one of the petroglyphs Xugana takes a dip in the water next to a ford along the way
A view up the stream above the ford Mari wondering if she should jump in with Xugana to cool off - Xugana says the water's fine!
The gauging station near the beginning of the trailhead off the road - we had a heck of a time finding the right spot to leave the road Cool, refreshing water hole after the sixth crossing of the stream
Mari trying to follow the trail through the high growth along the trail A spectacular view of the adjacent ridge(Keanaakamano)
One of several wild mountain orchards we past about half-way up the trail A closeup of the orchids
Parts of the trail actually went up the streambed The last pond before leaving the stream (the 23rd crossing!) to head up to the summit
The first good look at the summit at the end of this trail - it's in the saddle on the ridge A great view back down the valley - that's the mouth of Pearl Harbor off in the distance
A currently dry waterfall off the Pali The view back down the valley from the highest point I made on the trail - the summit was about 400' higher, but my partner was injured and could not go any higher, so we turned back and will return another day
A hideout under the boulders at the edge of the stream where we saw a wild pig and piglet earlier Back to civilization - a moments rest with Xugana at the trailhead on the edge of the road
The first clearing along the road with a clear view back towards the summit A closeup shot of the saddle that we'll have to attack another day!