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Haiku Stairs (The Stairway to Heaven). We made it up to the first break in the stairs and decided to wait until the refurbishment is completed before we reach the summit from this route.

The sign warning adventurers of the peril they are about to enter The Haiku Stairs from the very bottom - before you can see that it goes straight up the cliff!
A view to the east towards Kaneohe Bay about 1/5 of the way up the stairs A little further up the stairs
Traffic jam on the stairs before the first REALLY steep grade and break in the stairs A view of the H-3 tunnels through the Pali
Me taking a break on the stairs with H-3 down below Another view towards Kaneohe Bay from still higher up the stairs
The Pali across the valley from the Haiku Stairs Yet another view towards Kaneohe Bay - see how steep the cliffs are!?!?!
Mari trying to decide if failing to scale the break in the stairs just above her head is the way she wants to perish! A clear view of the traffic headin in and out the of H-3 tunnels
ACK! It's straight down! That is my hat and gloves at the edge of the image near the bottom Me smiling 'cause I didn't fall of the face of the cliff! (Holding on for dear life!)
Thankfully this isn't the last closeup taken of me while alive! Mari smiling 'cause she didn't fall of the face of the cliff either!
The bamboo warrior! A view back up towards the stairs from the trail to the base from beneath H-3
Back, safe and sound, for a snack and a beer!