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Mari and I got away for Memorial Day for a few days on Maui. My Uncle Von and Aunt Margaret met us at the Kahalui Airport! They were on a cruise and their ship was anchored off of Lahaina (about 25 miles or a $50 cab ride!). We tried to hurry as quick as we could to get the rental car and (thankfully) were offered a larger vehicle for free (since they were out of what we had already paid for). Well, since there is only one way to get to Lahaina, we were off like the wind and just barely made it so that they could catch a ride back to the ship before it sailed for Hilo that night and then on to Vancouver, BC.

The rest of the weekend was a breeze! We stayed at the Outrigger Wailea Resort and had a great time (wink wink nod nod!)

A view of the spectacular cliffs surrounding Iao Valley One of the information signs at the visitor center of Iao Valley
Another side of the information signs The third and final side of the information sign
A serene garden with native plants beside the stream at the bottom of Iao Valley A sign describing the native plants of the valley
Another look up the side of the mountains that form Iao Valley Part of the garden of native plants that is maintained by volunteers
Someone as left an offering in the garden to one of the gods The Iao Needle as seen from the garden
The view down stream from the garden Iao Needle towering over me in the garden
Mari too! There were several people swimming in the pools of the stream down below the garden
The Iao Needle A sign in the garden describing life in the valley
Mari and me at the observation point Mari enjoying the day with a view down the valley to the ocean behind her
One of my Jean-Claude Photog pictures - there's a sign on the left that should the elevation of the needle One of the native haliconia flowers along the path
The view of the West Maui mountains from Upcountry Maui. We found Scott and Lynn Allen's flower farm. This is the view from their backyard! The entrance to the Outrigger Wailea
A very calm and peaceful garden in front of the resort The lobby of Outrigger Wailea - what a great place!
More native flowers around the resort Still more flowers around the resort
One of the beautiful sunsets over Lanai that we enjoyed each night from Wailea The sun slowly dips behind the clouds and the other island
A view of the Wailea Beach below the Grand Wailea Resort A spectacular honu carving that must be still a "work in progress"
Mari cheesing with her new friend. After this picture, Mari said "Hey, that's Mike Tyson" about someone walking along the beach path I said "No way, he's too small; Mike Tyson is a lot bigger than that." Well, it was Mike Tyson (and he ain't all that!)
On Sunday, we decide the go for a stroll along the beach before going for lunch and shopping and The Shops at Wailea A postcard perfect day in Wailea
From the end of the beach path back to where we started A lovely flower on one of the ponds that surround the Outrigger Wailea Resort
There were MANY colorful koi in several of the ponds also Mari can't get enough of this!
A magnificent koa canoe on display at the resort Our room is on the bottom, second from the left
We were among the first to come down to the water's edge before sunset A view of the clouds gathered above the West Maui mountains
If I didn't work so darn much, I'd probably have a better tan! What's left of our wine that we enjoyed while taking in the sunset one more time
Once again, the sun slowly sinks over the horizon at the end of another perfect day ACK! Vacation is over! There goes the Kahalui Airport!
There's the Waihee and Waiehu areas of West Maui in the distance A look back to Kahalui and Wailuku from the air
One of the gnarly points along the road around West Maui The Kapalua Plantation Golf Course
The Kapalua Bay Golf Cource Kahana and Kaanapali, Maui
Shipwreck Beach on the Island of Lanai Kalaeloa, Oahu is the first bit to appear as we return home
The entrace to Pearl Harbor as we make our final approach for landing Arrival at Honolulu International Airport brings an end to our mini-vacation