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Huelo Point, Maui, Veteran's Day Weekend (My 42nd birthday present too). Mari and I said "the heck with dengue fever - let's go to Hana!"

First waterfall we stopped at along the road to Hana Candid camera shot of Mari trying to snap a photograph of the falls
Closer shot of the same falls - almost fell in the pool trying to get this shot Scenic view of the cliffs along East Maui from the Hana Highway
View of a small community out on a peninsula on the way to Hana View of small, isolated farming plots along the Hana Highway
Long distance look at one of the many falls on the way to Hana Small church and community along East Maui shores
The Hana Highway from a scenic overlook Closer view of distance waterfall
One of so many bridges over the so many streams on the way to Hana The "new" Hasagawa General Store in Hana, Maui
The southern slopes of Haleakala, near Kaupo Gap Looking east along the South Maui shore
Interesting two-faced stone relief at Tedeschi Winery The humble sign in front of the Tedeschi Winery
Our chariot awaits to take us away from the winery The INCREDIBLE view from the Guest House at Huelo Point Flower Farm
The same INCREDIBLE view from the upstairs loft/bedroom at the Huelo Point Flower Farm Guest House Sunrise on the seacliffs at Huelo Point, Maui
The embracing breakfast nook on the lanai (and the hottub!) Senor Gecko waiting for flying insects on the sliding screendoor
A vista of the central Maui plain and the West Maui mountains along the road to Polipoli State Park Another vista of the West Maui mountains from Polipoli State Park
Interesting natural sepia lighting along the Redwood Trail in Polipoli State Park Towering redwood tree in Polipoli State Park
Towering redwood trees abound on the side of Haleakala in Polipoli State Park Mari takes a moment to ponder the enormous redwoods
Ferns are shaded below the giant redwood trees The trail continues on through the forest
A big patch of hydrangea flowers grow wild near the abandon ranger cabins More hydrangeas
A huge hydrangea near the abandoned ranger cabins Mari pauses (thankfully before we trudge back up to the top) to enjoy the flowers
The view directly in front of an abandoned ranger cabin One last look back at the abandoned cabin
Another abandoned cabin, this one much larger than the one surrounded by flowers The trail back up was occasionally bathed in sunlight in the late afternoon
But the clouds started to roll in and creep through the trees Smoky clouds engolfing the mountain
More brief moments of sunlight along the trail as the clouds pulled back off the mountain And then the clouds come creeping back again
Mari reflects on the enormous tree that she's just knocked down with a mighty blow Another view along the Plum Trail
The clouds really began to build as the afternoon progressed The end of the Plum Trail and the beginning of the final push back to the jeep (which just happens to be waiting for us at about 6200' elevation)
One last look down Plum Trail before we make the final ascent A vista of La Perouse Bay from the Haleakala Trail
Closer view of La Perouse Bay from the Haleakala Trail Peeking out from a cave along the Haleakala Trail
Looking back down at the cave along the Haleakala Trail Mari rejoicing that we are back to where we began!
The noble Jeep awaits to return us to civilization (after we quaff a couple of cold brewskis!) A solo steak producer along the road back down the mountain