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Wailea, Maui, Veteran's Day Weekend (my 40th birthday present too). Mari and I stayed at the Kea Lani Resort - WONDERFUL! We made the pilgramage to the summit of Haleakala for sunrise over the crater (way too cold!) and saw the Southern Cross on the horizon as we neared the summit.

A beautiful valley north of Wailuku The view of the pool from our suite at Kea Lani
Sunset from our lanai at Kea Lani Sunrise from the top of Haleakala (Boy, was it cold!)
A view of Haleakala crater on our way down into it Silversword beside the trail (near the bottom of Haleakala crater)
Half-way down the shifting sands trail to the bottom of Haleakala (I'm still smiling 'cause I haven't started back up!) Two cinder cones at the floor of Haleakala
Almost to the bottom of Haleakala! Ughh! Now, it's time to turn around an hike back up (No more smiling!)