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You might be Taliban if

Most Dangerous Terrorists

Bin Lie-in

O. J. "the-blade" Simpson

Bin Cheat-in

Bill "who's-that-intern" Clinton

Bin Swim-in

Teddy "the-fish" Kennedy

Bin Bought-in

Gray "bought-and-paid-for" Davis

Bin Jive-in

Johnnie "if-the-turban-fits-you-must-convict" Cochran

Bin Snort-in

Marion "take-a-hit" Barry

Bin Stroke-in

Jessie "never-had-a-job" Jackson

Bin Skate-in

Willie "freeloader" Brown

Bin Bite-in

Mike "assault-and-battery" Tyson

Bin Wac-in

Janet "Rambo" Reno

Bin Kneel-in

Monica "is-that-cigar-lit" Lewinsky

Bin Run-in

Al "still-counting-chads" Gore

Bin Screech-in

Roseanne" star-spangle-banner" Barr

Bin Steal-in

Hillary "take-that-furniture" Clinton

Bin Rat-in

Linda" she-did-it" Tripp