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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Golfing with my dad and the boys (Arvis and Bobby) for a week again. OK, so I didn't get back last year. I thought it prudent to NOT leave for a week vacation "with the boys" less than two months after getting married. Anyway, this time we played 180 holes in six days. We would have play two more rounds, but Thursday was a rain-out.

Dad and I drove down from Cumming, GA on Saturday morning and played Rose Hill Golf Club right away. It was very cold due to the wind, but they included a free lunch with the deal!

Arvis was coming down on Sunday to join us. Dad and I played the morning round at Old South Golf Links rather quickly after a short delay for the frost to burn off. Thankfully Arvis arrived and joined us for the afternoon so that I could minimize my losses!

On Monday, we went to Old Carolina Golf Club; the sister course of Old South. There was a frost delay there too, but we were the first group off and played with a local duffer named Dave in the morning. It never really warmed up very much that day, although I did play in short sleeves for awhile in the middle of the day.

We discovered in the propaganda provided by the management of my dad's timeshare at Island Club of Hilton Head a flyer from Last Minute Tee Times (800-TEE-OFFX) and gave them a call. What a great deal! For Tuesday, we got the first tee time off at Golden Bear Golf Course at Indigo Run for about half the regular green fees! Bobby joined us for the afternoon round and made the wagers only a bit more complicated to figure out after the round.

Since we got such a good deal from Last Minute Tee Times, we gave them another call for Wednesday and got the first tee time at Country Club of Hilton Head. I really liked this course, although it was quite cold for the entire day. I wasn't playing very well until after the turn in the afternoon round. For the front nine in the afternoon, I shot a 55 (ACK!). For the back nine, I shot a 41 (WHEW!).

The rain came through on Thursday making it impossible to play anywhere. Bobby and Arvis headed back to Atlanta and Dad and I farted around Hilton Head for a short while. On Friday, Dad and I played at Crescent Pointe Golf Club with a member, Jim Simpson. I played ok, but lost a few bucks to the old man (even with him giving me strokes) on trash points mostly. I really liked this course because it required you to make a few golf shots instead of just banging the ball around. After the round, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to Georgia to help Grandma Teri with the SEC Championship Game between Georgia and LSU (Georgia stunk up the field in that game!)

All in all, it was another great trip even though the old man kicked my ass on the course!

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