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We took a couple of days to go to Kauai to really relax and, boy, was it worth it. Once again, we stayed at Waimea Plantation Cottages and stayed in the BEST cottage on the property. On the night we arrived, Thursday, there was a terrific thunderstorm that dumped barrels of water for several hours. When we finally got up into Waimea Canyon for some sightseeing, the waterfalls were in full flow. It was spectacular! Unfortunately, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gaston weren't able to come with us - they had to cut their vacation short and return to Knoxville. So, we took them on vacation by proxy!

The view from cottage 79 towards the pool The view towards the beach straight out from cottage 79
The view over the covered lanai of cottage 79 Along the lanai of cottage 79
A view of cottage 79 from the lawn The shore of Waimea Beach towards the East
The shore of Waimea Beach towards the West Cottage 79 from the beach
Coconuts on the palms from the lanai on cottage 79 A view of cottage 79 from the swimming pool
Rows and rows of coconut trees line the ground of Waimea Plantation Cottages A huge banyan tree near the beach at Waimea Plantation
Bird tracks are everywhere along the beach Me enjoying a walk along the Waimea shore
An ultralight aircraft caming zooming by! The keiki enjoying some hammock time before dinner
The office building at Waimea Plantation Cottages - my FAVORITE place to stay on Kauai! A view towards Niihau over Waimea and Kekaha as we climbed up Waimea Canyon Road
Our first full view of Waimea Canyon on a bright, clear day (at least it started out that way!) Another full view of Waimea Canton
There were waterfalls everywhere due to the HEAVY rains on Thursday night! A great view of the valley showing the swollen Waimea River and several waterfalls
One of many waterfalls in Waimea Canyon that day A great view of the canyon from the big lookout point
Melissa and Matthew enjoying the view The keiki take in the enormity of the view along with several other park visitors
The keiki and me enjoying the day One of many free-range hens that joined us for our picnic lunch
One of a few free-range roosters that stopped by to share our sandwiches and chips The fellow was mighty bold! He even liked the jalapeno's and onion's that fell off our sandwiches!
Matthew decided to share his lunch in a more personal manner Matthew used himself as a serving platter!
This waterfall was very found on the side of the canyon close to the road to Kokee State Park A spectacular view of a waterfall from the side of the canyon
The water was cascading down the side of the canyon walls wherever it could break out Matthew and I visited the Russian Fort Elizabeth in Waimea - the girls stayed in the van and read
A view of the center of Fort Elizabeth Another view across the center of Fort Elizabeth
Matthew and I scaled the south wall of the fort to see what was on the other side A view of the mouth of the Waimea River from the top of the fort wall
Matthew waving before we climbed out of the fort The top of the wall is hard to identify unless you're standing on top of it.
Another view along the top of the fort wall A view of the south wall from the ocean side
The shore along Waimea from the mouth of the river A close-up view of Waimea Beach
The information display describing Fort Elizabeth Welcome the Fort Elizabeth
Historic Waimea, Kauai The history of Fort Elizabeth
A description of the Fort Elizabeth self-guided tour