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Part of Dad's Golf Vacation 2000. We played 36 holes at Kiele and 27 up at Princeville. What a great golf getaway. Dad loved staying at Waimea Plantation Cottages. Hopefully, he'll be able to convince Teri (my step-mom) to come out soon and we'll all go back for a wonderfully relaxing stay.

My dad, Bill, hoping magic will guide the ball to the green Waiting for two yahoos to get out of the way on #9 on the Mokihana Course at Kauai Lagoons
Dad, saying "Ain't this great?" with #12 on the Kiele Course at Kauai Lagoons in the background A luxury cruise ship leaving Nawiliwili Harbor as we came up to the #12 green
Looking out to the lighthouse that marks the entrance to Nawiliwili Harbor (from the Kiele #13) Dad making a great shot into Kiele #15
Great shot of dad pondering his putt on #16 green at the mouth of Nawiliwili Harbor Fun shot of dad on Kiele #16 green - this was our 34th hole of the day!
Looking back down the finishing hole at Kiele (Kauai Lagoons) View towards the Kilauea Lighthouse from Lakes #4 tee at Princeville Makai
Great view of dad trying to hit the ball all the way to Bali Hai Dad pausing for a moment before he chunked two (2!) into the pond in front of the green (I chipped in from off the green for birdie!)
Dad walking back in frustration after FINALLY getting a shot to get over the water (his tee shot went plunk and his second tee shot went short of the pond) on the Woods #9 at Princeville Makai Cabin #68 at Waimea Plantation Cottages from the front
The lanai of cabin #68 at Waimea Plantation Cottages from the ocean side The view from the lanai of cabin #68
Dad after 36 holes at Kiele (Kauai Lagoons) wishing he had a scotch! Overlooking the morning sun above Kalalau Valley from Kokee State Park
Looking up towards Mt. Waialeale - the wettest spot on earth! Dad wondering why in the world I would want to wander into the Alakai swamp anyway
Looking back to the southeast from an overlooking near the top of Waimea Canyon I am not sure why dad has a grimacing look - perhaps it is 'cause he doesn't want to leave Kauai
Beautiful morning over Waimea Canyon A couple of Nene begging for handouts in a Waimea Canyon overlook parking lot