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Unlike my first visit to Manassas National Battlefield Park, the weatherman got it right this time!

On this loop, I took the Second Manassas Trail counter-clockwise up to the unfinished railroad, out to Brawner Farm, back across Chinn's Ridge and back to the Visitors Center

There weren't has many people out as I had expected. Many of the trails were quite wet in places. At one point, a bridge across a stream had been washed out and as I was pondering (out loud) how to cross, I spooked a couple of deer (they spooked me right back!).

I came across a couple more deer as I was walking along Chinn's Ridge. Without making too much of a fuss, I was able to turn the camera on and catch a quick photo of them as they jumped back into the woods

I forgot to bring my GPS for this hike, but by looking over the NPS maps and checking with the Park Rangers, I estimate this hike was about 11.5 miles. All in all, another fine day in the woods!