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Six scouts (Kelsey G., Russell P., Matthew S., Frank "Just-O" S., Alec T., and Kyle Y.) and four adults (Randy G., Bill S., Frank S., and Dean T.) from Troop 164, Mililani, Hawaii, participated in a 50-Mile Trek around Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. What an challenging adventure it was! The second day was particularly arduous - Matthew and Bill were able to get to Pepeiao Cabin before sunset, but the others were still on the trail after the sun went down. Mahalo plenty to our "new best friend" Peter V. for his assistance in getting water down to the eight stragglers and helping get them up to the cabin for a well deserved dinner and rest. The fourth night was very rewarding for four of the trekkers when at approximately 4:45AM, there was a short break in the clouds and they were able to see the glow of the lava pit and the flow away from Pu'u O'o. Unfortunately, by the time that the others had climbed out of their warm tents, the clouds had rolled back in and covered the volcano vent from view. All in all, it was an adventure that they will never forget!

Extract from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Map to include trails followed during 50-Mile Trek

27-Jun-04 Fly from Honolulu to Hilo. Bus from Hilo Airport to Kilauea Military Camp in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park n/a
28-Jun-04 Begin trek heading along Puna Coast Trail from Chain of Craters Road near Pu'u Loa. Lunch at 'Apua Point. Camp at Halape Shelter. 11.3
29-Jun-04 Continue trek. Climb Pu'u'eo Pali. Follow Hilina Pali Trail south to Ka'aha Trail. Late lunch at Ka'aha Shelter. Camp at Pepeiao Cabin. 23.5
30-Jun-04 Continue trek. Follow Ka'u Desert Trail north. Lunch at Hilina Pali Lookout. Follow Hilina Pali Road past abandoned Kipuka Nene Campsite. Camp at Kulanaokuaiki. Water replenished by support team of Mari and Melissa. 33.3
01-Jul-04 Continue trek. Continue on Hilina Pali Road north to Chain of Craters Road. Followed by support team 1 1/2 miles down Chain of Craters Road to Mauna Ulu. Water replenished by support team. Lunch at Mauna Ulu. Follow Napau Trail. Camp at Napau Crater. 45.8
02-Jul-04 Continue trek. Follow Napau Trail to Kalapana Trail. Follow Kalapana Trail to Naulu Trail. Complete Trek at Kealakomo ("Pizza Hut") Overlook. View lava entering ocean past end of Chain of Craters Road. Visit Thurston Lava Tubes and explore 1000 meters into unlighted section. Pizza and bowling party at KMC to celebrate. 51.0
03-Jul-04 Sightseeing around Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Visitor Center, Kilauea Iki Crater, Devastation Trail, Kilauea Caldera, Jagger Museum). Visit Hilo Zoo, Kaumana Caves, and Rainbow Falls. Return to Honolulu from Hilo Airport. ALOHA! n/a

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