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Molokai Ranch, Memorial Day Weekend 2001. The kieki got to go horseback riding for the first time and loved it! We also went kayaking along the south shore for half a day. Too much to do in too little time.

Matthew waiting for the bus ride up to the Paniolo Roundup Matthew waiting anxiously for the horses to be brought out for the roundup
Melissa also waiting anxiously for the horses The Gang That Couldn't Ride Straight!
Melissa and Matthew riding high in the saddle The best darn cattle driving cowboys (and cowgirls) in Molokai hard at work!
Melissa and her trusty steed, Muffin, driving the cattle back to rodeo ring Get along, little doggies
Matthew and "Appy" slowing moving the cattle back to the rodeo ring Matthew driving the cattle into the middle of the ring
Melissa and Brenda moving the cattle around the ring like pros! Cowgirl Melissa working the cattle around the ring
Cowboy Matthew waiting his turn to work the cattle Cowgirl Melissa standing guard over the cattle
The Gang That Couldn't Ride Straight after showing the cattle who the boss is! Ready for another hard day on the dusty trail
Yeeeeehaaaaa Brah! Bring on the stampede! Melissa trying to make Matthew go vertical
Almost there! The sunset from our tentalow at Kaupoa Beach, Molokai Ranch.
The hard working cow pokes relax in the hammock before dinner Sunset over Oahu as seen from Kaupoa Beach, Molokai Ranch
Same sunset only a few moments later An isolated beach south of Kaupoa Beach.
Another view of a very isolated beach south of Kaupoa Beach. Keeping an eye out for monk seals that sun themselves on the rocks - we saw one swimming of the shore!
Interesting place for some very large rocks to come to rest Whose footprint could this be? There are so few here on this beach besides ours!
Sunrise on our tentalow (#40) Statue of Father Damien at the Church of St Joseph's, Kamala, Molokai
Bronze plaque dedicated to Father Damien at the Church of St. Joseph's The altar inside the Church of St. Joseph's, Kamala, Molokai
The tiny Church of St. Joseph's The falls at the back of Halawa Valley at the east end of Molokai
A closeup of Halawa valley Falls The bay at the mouth of Halawa Valley
It's a long way to anywhere from here! What or Who is Danny's? It's only four miles away!
Kalaupapa Penisula - the former "leper" colony Closeup of some of the facilities down on Kalaupapa
A plaque illustrating early residents and conditions at Kalaupapa A dedication plaque summarizing the history of Kalaupapa
A plaque illustrating Father Damien, his missionaries and their sacrifices at Kalaupapa A plaque illustrating recent life and conditions at Kalaupapa
A plaque depicting the current and previous locations and facilities at Kalaupapa The Phallic Rock!
Stand Back! It is ALIVE! Matthew wasn't too keen on what it looked like when I told him! I made Melissa stay away from it!
The Ancient Hawaiian folk story of Kauleonanahoa and the Phallic Rock