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Molokai Ranch, Independence Day Weekend 1999. Mari and I went with the intent of hiking, kayaking, and playing in the water and ending up mountain biking all over the place! We loved it so much, when we return to Oahu, we went straight from the airport to The Bike Factory and bought a couple of Trek VRX300's!

View of Maui and Lanai for our Yurt at Kolo Cliffs,Molokai Ranch Our Yurt at Kolo Cliffs, with Lanai on the horizon
Deserted beach near abandoned Boy Scout camp on south shore of Molokai Deserted beach along south shore of Molokai
Bicycles and parts grow on trees! The Kalaupapa peninsula, former leper colony and home to Father Damien
Single-track down through pastures on Na-Iwa bike ride (O'ahu is on the horizon) A scenic view of the Molokai sea cliffs above Kalaupapa